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The Vintage Caravan

The VIntage Caravan Glamping: Where Nature and Comfort Collide. Our Caravan Glamping offers the perfect blend of luxury and nature. Immerse yourself in the serene oasis nestled by a peaceful creek stream and lush tropical forest. Relax in style with a private bathtub, detached en-suite bathroom, and a cozy sofa bed for restful nights.

Indulge in a glamping experience like no other. Enjoy movie nights under the stars with a projector. Stay comfortable with air conditioning. Sleep like royalty on our super king size bed or unwind on the sofa bed. Stay productive at the convenient office desk. Keep your refreshments cool in the bar fridge.

Escape the everyday and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Caravan Glamping. Experience luxury, comfort, and nature in perfect harmony. Book your stay now and embark on an extraordinary glamping adventure that rejuvenates your soul and reconnects you with the beauty of the natural world.

  • Super King size bed

  • Sofa Bed ( Double Bed ) 

  • Private Courtyard

  • Ensuite Bathroom

  • 18 SQM

  • Projector

  • Outdoor Bathtub

  • Free Wifi

Ideal 2 pax , Max 4 pax

From RM 700

King size Bed

Sofa bed x 1

The Vintage Caravan

The Vintage Caravan: Sleeps 4. Immersed in a Tropical Forest Oasis, Alongside a Serene Creek Stream. Perfect for Memorable Glamping Getaways. Amenities Include Projector, Air Conditioning, Private Courtyard with Ensuite Bathroom and Bathtub, and More. Experience Camping in Style at Its Finest.

The Vintage Caravan Bathtub, Personal Haven. Delight in the Serenity of an Outdoor Soaking Experience, Nestled Next to a Babbling Creek Stream. Immerse Yourself in Nature's Symphony, accompanied by the Melodic Song of Birds.

Unwind and Recharge in the Spacious and Plush Super King Size Bed, Offering Ample Room for a Blissful Night's Sleep. Indulge in the Utmost Relaxation as you Sink into the Softness and Support of this Exquisite Bedding. Enjoy Sweet Dreams and Wake up Refreshed, Ready to Embrace the Adventures of the Glamping Experience.

Embrace the Inviting Coziness of the Caravan's Living Space, where Classic Modern Interior Design harmoniously blends with the Serenade of Nature's Melodies.  Immerse Yourself in the Peaceful Ambiance, Enveloped by the Symphony of Nature's Sounds, as you Unwind and Create Priceless Memories in this Enchanting Glamping Experience.

Stay Productive with the Convenience of a Fully Equipped Office Desk, Ideal for Workation or Remote Work. Create an Inspiring Workspace and Unleash your Productivity in the Tranquil Setting of The Vintage Caravan. Enjoy the Comfort and Privacy of a Comfortable and Stylish Workspace, allowing you to Work Away from Home with Ease. Immerse yourself in the Serenity of Nature while staying Connected and Focused on your Work.

Enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay at our caravan with our array of amenities, including a kettle, hair dryer, glasses, and more. We've thought of everything to make you feel at home.

The added convenience of a Bar Fridge. Keep your Refreshments Cool and within easy reach during your Glamping Adventure. Embrace the perfect blend of Comfort and Functionality, ensuring a delightful stay in the heart of nature.

Experience an unforgettable day with your own private courtyard with outdoor bathtub, where you can relax and rejuvenate amidst the beauty of nature. Create lasting memories as you enjoy a soothing soak, surrounded by the serene outdoor ambiance. Make your day truly remarkable with this luxurious and memorable experience.

Immerse yourself in the Ultimate Entertainment with a Projector, bringing your Favorite Movies and Shows to Life. Relax in Comfort with Plush Sofa Beds, ensuring a Restful Night's Sleep. Stay Cool and Refreshed with Air Conditioning, providing Optimal Comfort in any Season. Indulge in Nostalgic Vibes with a Vintage Speaker, offering Bluetooth Connectivity for your Music Pleasure. Unwind, Relax, and Create Lasting Memories in the Vintage Caravan's Unparalleled Setting.

With Outdoor Detached-Ensuite Bathroom, where minimalist luxury meets tranquility. With its sleek, seamless floor design, this space exudes sophistication. Unwind under the indulgent rain shower, allowing the gentle cascade of water to wash away your stresses. Impeccably designed with premium fixtures, this bathroom offers a serene retreat for relaxation.

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Online Products

Other Rooms


  • Private Bathroom 

  • Projector

  • Sofa Bed

  • Bar Fridge

  • Sleeps 2 - 4 pax  

  • Private Courtyard

  • Air conditioned

  • Loft King Size Bed

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