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Indulge in the luxurious Moroccan-inspired Villa Takun Suites in Marrakesh, offering stunning views of the Majestic Bukit Takun. Each suite features private bathtubs, a secluded balcony, plush king-size beds, and Smart TVs.

Enjoy exclusive access to the Aman Takun Lounge, a suites-only kitchen and dining area, and our unique infinity pool, all overlooking Bukit Takun. Experience serene beauty and sophisticated indulgence during your stay.

  • -60 sqm

  • Smart TV

  • Private Balcony

  • Free WiFi

  • Suites only Lounge access

  • King size bed

  • Semi-Outdoor Bathtub

  • Living Lounge

  • Ensuite Bathroom

Ideal 2 pax , Max 3 pax

King size bed x 1

From RM 1000

  •     Private Balcony & living area


Sleeps 2. Revel in stunning Anak Takun views. Experience the perfect blend of Moroccan-inspired elegance and cozy comfort, creating a vibrant and inviting ambiance for couples or small families. Unwind in the private bathtub, refresh in the ensuite bathroom, and stay entertained with smart TVs. Additional amenities include a convenient bar fridge and more. Embrace luxury and style in this serene retreat.

Enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay at our property with our array of amenities, including a kettle, glasses, bar fridge, and more. We've thought of everything to make you feel at home.

Take your entertainment experience to the next level with our cutting-edge smart TV. Perfect for your Netflix and chill nights, you can relax and enjoy endless entertainment in style.

Experience outdoor luxury on The Fez private balcony, featuring a stylish dining table, comfortable lounge sofas, and delightful swings. This elegant space invites you to dine al fresco, relax with a book, or simply take in the stunning views. Additional amenities ensure a perfect blend of comfort and style in this serene outdoor retreat.

Immerse yourself in pure bliss as you unwind in the private semi-outdoor bathtub, offering a serene and captivating view of the majestic Anak Takun limestone hill. Let the harmonious melodies of singing birds serenade you, creating a truly peaceful and rejuvenating escape

Experience timeless elegance at The Serenity's dressing table. With its wood finish and minimalist rattan chair, it creates a stylish and serene space for your daily rituals.

Relax in style with the Moroccan-inspired lounge sofa in The Fez. Exuding luxury, this elegant piece combines rich textures and vibrant patterns, creating a cozy and opulent atmosphere. Perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration, the lounge sofa adds a touch of exotic charm to your serene retreat.

Experience luxury in The Fez's shower room, featuring a spacious double basin setup. This elegant and modern amenity ensures ample space and convenience, making your daily routines a pleasure. The stylish design and high-quality finishes add a touch of sophistication to your stay, enhancing the overall comfort and functionality of your private retreat.

Indulge in a luxurious bathing experience with The Fez's rainshower. This elegant feature provides a soothing, spa-like atmosphere, allowing you to unwind under a gentle cascade of water. Combined with the sophisticated design of the shower room, the rainshower adds an extra layer of comfort and relaxation to your stay, ensuring a truly refreshing retreat.

Keep your belongings organized and accessible with the stylish closet cabinet in The Fez. Designed with elegance and functionality in mind, this spacious cabinet offers ample storage for your clothes and personal items. Its sophisticated design seamlessly integrates with the room's luxurious ambiance, providing a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution for all your storage needs.


  • En-suite Bathroom 

  • 50" Smart TV 

  • Private balcony with dining tables , chair and lounge sofas

  • Dressing tables

  • Sleeps 2 -3 pax 

  • Semi-Outdoor Bathtub

  • Air conditioned

  • King Size Bed

  • Private access to suites only exclusive lounge

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